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to an innovative and secured MIS solution for Tally.ERP 9. Now create your own dashboards, pivots and reports easily and quickly, without uploading your "SENSITIVE" financial data on the cloud. No programming knowledge is required.

What is TReports and why your DATA is not just data?



Our fully customizable Dashboards with Charts, One liner, Data Reports will help you in fast, better and efficient decision making.


Pivot Tables

Now creating Excel like Pivots and Charts is few clicks away. No complexity at all. Select, Arrange, Filter and Done!!


Reports and more...

Tabular Data Reports will help you to find the errors in Data, Filter data, Export to various formats.

TReports 3.0 is an All-in-One software for Tally which will synchronize smoothly with your Tally Data and will represent it in the form of Dashboards, Pivot Tables and Data Reports.


Give shape to your data with TReports 3.0 with its State-of-Art technology. It will smoothly synchronize the Tally Data and will help you to build powerful reports on it. Now show the data in the form of Chats and graphs to analyze it quickly. Convert the numbers in to shapes and understand what the data is saying. For generating Dashboards, Pivots and Reports any programming knowledge is not required. Achieve in simple steps, without wasting any time.

Why Not on 'The Cloud'

Keep your data safe, on your computer. Many data storage services claim that your data is encrypted but there is "NO GUARANTEE". Experts say there is simply no way to ever be completely sure your data will remain secure once you have moved it to cloud. Your Tally data is very sensitive data containing your financial transactions, Sales, purchase and Order Details, Party Details, etc. compromising such data may harm your company seriously.